08th December to 18th December 2021
A solo exhibition by Tan Wei 

The exhibition, ‘Indéfiniment’ is a comprehensive concept behind Tan Wei’s world of imagery as part of her meditation on the liminality between arrival and departure whose lines are often blurred.

The title of the exhibition is derived from the immutable qualities of the primordial ocean that takes centre stage here as the artist meditate upon the affinity that we share with the ocean that has been the holding site of all life form through the magnitude of the ocean that now wavers between both cognition and unfamiliarity as we could no longer live compatibly with the ocean in its unmediated state.

From the distant ocean to the subconscious realm of dreams, intangible spaces form the backdrop to Tan Wei’s world of imagery and in ‘Equatorial grey’, the subconscious realm of dreams is explored through the narrative of a butterfly; the unceasingly relentless protagonist within the artist’s subconscious in her search for answers in a journey unknown–––of indeterminate time.

‘Indéfiniment’ is a meditation on the primordial ocean that has been the very holding site of all life forms. ‘Indéfiniment’ utilises the affinity that we share with the ocean to capture the liminality between arrival and departure whose lines are often blurred. For even though the water has once sustained and nurtured us, we no longer live in full compatibility with it in its unmediated state, a contradiction that drew the artist towards the site of the ocean.

Imbued with personal narratives that is a meditation of the artist’s immediate world, the otherworldly dimensions recreated by the artist here details her struggle as she attempts to reconcile with the role and identity that she has to play in this world that she inhabits through the absolute magnitude of the ocean.

‘Equatorial grey’ is a series of imagery that peeks through the living quarters of the artist to look at the influence of the lived environment that would sublimate into the fleeting narrative of the butterfly; the protagonist within the artist’s subconscious. The series of imagery, seeks to question the whims of our desire as poor arbiters of what we truly seek in living as the protagonist awakes in her metaphysical world as a butterfly, a life form with limited time left on earth.
A seeming obsession, the desire for an otherwise virtual reality reveals one’s uncertainty of the present where the work is presented as pieces rather than a whole in order for the viewer to experience the search for answers.

About the artist:

Tan Wei [Singapore, b. 1997] is a visual artist who works spatially across a diverse breadth of mediums and depth ranging from conceptual to installation art. Rooted in her practice of storytelling, her art practice focuses on the fundamental construct of our reality and being that she experiences as part of the ordinaries in everyday living.

Through the reconstruction of her observations in everyday living, she hopes to invite audiences into the ever mani-fold theatre of the mind to consider, the ways in which we may be similar or otherwise, differ. Where she seeks ultimately, to create works that would strike a resonating chord with the audience or otherwise, sets the stage for the audience to contemplate upon the synchronicity or lack thereof within otherwise mundane living experiences.


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